Marinedo Pvt Ltd

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NBAM Code NBAM3019
Expires 2024 December 31

Marinedo Pv.t Ltd. was founded in the year 2006 as a company that specializes in engineering works, vessel fabrication, fuel tank fabrication, welding and lathe works.

We are guaranteed to be the best choice for your industrial welding needs; as each project is undertaken by dedicated welding engineers, with extensive experience in the field of metal works.

With our workmanship and up to date technical machinery at hand, we are today capable of offering entire engineering, fabrication, and production works to suit your project requirements.

Our reputation is second to none for high quality welding and fabrication throughout the associated industries.

Company Details
Company Reg. C-0306/2006
M.Medhufalhu1, 1st Floor
+960 7371800
Business Type(s)
Boat Builder
Engine Supplier
Spare Parts Supplier
Ibrahim Mujah
Director Operations
+960 7981888
Ali Mujah
Managing Director
+960 7772804


G. Maavehi, 2nd Floor
Buruzu Magu
Male 20092
Republic of Maldives

+960 797 0033
+960 3300640
+960 3300630

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