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Silver Sands Boatyard

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More than two decades ago, Silver Sands began its journey as an inbound travel agency. As the business expanded, the company began to offer an innovative total solution service to resorts. Its concept of operating the dive & watersport centers, fishing activities and excursions by providing an all-inclusive package including equipment and vetted professionals, was well accepted and Silver Sands now operates in 14 luxury resorts. Among the equipment, the company provides whichever type of vessel is required by the resort, be it a yacht, speed boat or a dhoni.

Company Details
Company Reg. 202-MTA(M)BYR/2018/05,2021/10
K. Thilafushi
Business Type(s)
Boat Builder
Boat Designer
Fiber Glass Service Provider
Ahmed Lihaz
General Manager
Adam Ibrahim


G. Maavehi, 2nd Floor
Buruzu Magu
Male 20092
Republic of Maldives

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