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National Boating Association Endorses 1st Edition of Coral Glass Magazine

May 14, 2022
NBAM Office
We officially endorse Travel Book by Coral Glass First Edition - a book aimed to document the tireless contribution by different stakeholders in the past 50 Golden Years of Tourism in the Maldives.
Travel Book by Coral Glass First Edition is a playful innovative take on a coffee-table book concept, and we are bringing together key contributors from all sectors of the industry. Most excitingly, the launch scheduled for November 2022 aligns with the 50 Golden Years of Tourism in the Maldives celebrations. NBAM endorsed this avant-garde publication as it plays on the powerful mix of imaginative visuals and the ability of today's technology to bring it to life. The book will feature vibrant visuals from selected sectors of the industry, placed chronologically to create a sophisticated, up-market style for a more polished and aesthetic look. The concept fits a minimal textual content theme that effortlessly strikes the viewer's attention.

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