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Yacht Maldives

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Yacht Maldives operates since 2006 and proposes private charters in the Maldives Islands. Our yachts, all owned and operated directly by us, are exclusively for private charters of families, couples, or honeymooners, and are fashioned after the most traditional Maldivian boats, or with the most innovative features and the latest comforts.
Company Reg: C-0479/2010

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13F-P6 Raincrest, Hulhumale, Maldives.
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Stella 1

21.64 meters
8.00 knots
4 pax
2 cabins

DHONI STELLA yachts are Maldivian luxury dhonies, each with just two air-conditioned cabin-suites, catering for 2-6 passengers and available for private charter only. Maldives enthusiasts will experience a really unique holiday, sailing the archipelago aboard a genuine and charming traditional boat. DHONI STELLA yachts are wonderful combinations of classic and modern style. Built by using mainly local wood, the finishing touches bring you back to a time of simplicity and elegance, nostalgic of the antique boats on which these cruisers were modelled, though the modern comforts of holiday luxury have certainly not been forgotten.


16.45 meters
6.00 knots
6 pax
3 cabins

Over Reef is a brand-new 54 ft power catamaran designed by the Italian architect Stefano Nolletti and delivered in 2019. The volume, comfort, large living spaces, headroom, one-level floor, and one of a kind fly-bridge make it without any doubt the most comfortable private charter for couples of families available in the Maldives. Over Reef offers modern solutions in terms of design, such as the electric sun-visor, a one-of-a-kind feature offering light and fresh breezy balcony to the bow cabins. His wide beam offers large living spaces and makes Over Reef a very efficient and stable yacht.

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