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Floating Asia

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Floating Asia is the Magazine dedicated to the people who wants to enjoy, explore and experience the Asian Surf Breaks,Dive Sites and the Asian Liveaboards. This Annual publication will provide you the best information available on Asian Surf Breaks and Famous Destinations on Scuba Diving and Cruising.

Whether you are into diving, surfing, game fishing or just cruising, a liveaboard is a dream holiday like no other.

South East Asia and the Indian Ocean are the worlds hotspot of Marine biodiversity and therefore the most ideal region for liveaboards. No where else on earth enjoys richer waters or such abundance of marine life.

Liveaboard industry in this region has proliferated immensely in this last couple of years with the diverse options the region offers - from cruising along Thailands spectacular west coast to exploring the picturesque Maldive Islands with its white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons. It is beyond doubt that a need has arisen for an exclusive liveaboard magazine of Asia, and hence Floating Asia stepped up to the task of providing to the Liveaboard enthusiasts the latest news and articles on all the aspects of Asian Liveaboards.
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